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Asset Management Services

Through a strategic partnership with Legacy Property Services, McCoy Wright is pleased to offer broad sweeping management services. Legacy’s team has handled all facets of property & asset management including construction management and lease administration in Georgia and South Carolina…major and secondary markets across all real estate sectors.


Retaining us to manage your properties will let us do what we do best while freeing you from the continual oversight of assets in the ever evolving industry to include emerging strategies and legalities. While we are handling everything behind the scenes, you are able to concentrate on your primary business. This in turn provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the best on the job, working consistently for you, ensuring that your properties bring the highest revenue streams possible. Through this partnership, McCoy Wright can provide best case lease plans and use mixes to maximize your property’s unique qualities in the marketplace.


Legacy employs the best of class technology and tools to oversee client assets. A significant investment in today’s management tools allows us to provide unparalleled returns for clients and increase cost savings associated with this time intensive side of the real estate sector.


Further to this, Legacy offers experienced Construction and Tenant Improvement Management services to its clients allowing for a turnkey solution. Set it and forget approach to the management of your asset(s) is the cornerstone of their philosophy. Has a long and successful history of executing construction project management assignments on such product types as Commercial Tenant Improvements, Medical Offices, Laboratories, Data Centers, Clean Rooms, Surgical Centers, OSHPD, Industrial, Retail, Institutional, Educational, GSA, Hospitality, mixed-use residential and high end specialty projects. Their ability to assess and make recommendations on prospective tenant’s work letters is highly valuable to the leasing team. Additionally, maintaining and enhancing the value of a commercial asset requires constant evaluation of its physical appearance and functional usefulness.